Podcast — Strange Company


A Podcast Adventure

We've all been there--you're brain-deep in the imagination stew your GM has concocted and then you have to stop for four hours of combat dice rolling. Two hours of that ends up being rule-checking with far too many instances of settling on being "pretty sure." What happened to the story? It doesn't matter, because everyone is asleep and you wish you were dead.

More story, less math. That's the Strange Company philosophy. We play enough "game" to still call it a game, but we're out for adventure. We've spent countless hours making our characters and the world they live in, whittling away the pace-killers and fleshing out the space-fillers until a Willy Wonka-like piece of ear candy remains.

Worried it's not for you? Well, it isn't. Strange Company isn't for indecisive losers. Strange Company is for fucking heroes. Coming soon.